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It's Not Just for Your Grandkids Anymore

Registration is a requirement for having access to all of the information shared on the most popular and well known social networks (also referred to as social media.) However, signing up is free and simple. Social media can be used to get personal opinions and recommendations from other job seekers or even experts in the field. Networking on these sites will likely connect you with companies that are hiring, as well as other job seekers who can share more job leads with you.

Most popular are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.* Although these sites change regularly and have occasional accessibility issues, for the most part it is possible for blind or visually impaired computer users to access their key features. For more information, read AccessWorld's article, "Social Networking is Becoming a Way of Life."

Below you will find information about these sites and how to use them for job searching. Dialogue makes a difference so learning to use these tools can be a very good thing. Be clever: combine traditional methods of job hunting and harness the power of the internet too.

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