Entrepreneurship Survey: Is it for You?

Take this survey to find out if you could be a successful entrepreneur.

1. Do you have good time management skills?

  • a. __ I am motivated to get necessary tasks accomplished.
  • b. __ I need deadlines to complete tasks on time.
  • c. __ I need reminders to finish tasks on time.

2. Can you keep a variety of tasks on focus each day?

  • a. __ I like having a variety of activities each day.
  • b. __ I like some different tasks each day.
  • c. __ I like to focus on one project at a time before having to deal with another task.

3. Do you have a marketable skill that could be developed into your own business, i.e. computer tech repair or software development, hair or beauty skills, entertainment or writing skills, or sales experience?

  • a. __ I have a marketable skill I currently use.
  • b. __ I have sales experience in my current job.
  • c. __ I have mostly administrative or factory type tasks in my current job.

4. Have you assessed what is necessary for managing your own business?

  • a. __ I have read books on entrepreneurship and know what is involved in managing a business.
  • b. __ I am willing to learn what is involved.
  • c. __ I don't know what is involved.

5. Do you have savings or funding sources to allow you to work on a new enterprise?

  • a. __ I have savings or a source of funding available if I find a viable pursuit.
  • b. __ I would keep my current job while I start on another venture.
  • c. __ I have no money to invest in a new business.

6. Have you investigated the current laws regarding licensing or certification for a new business in your area?

  • a. ___ I know what is required regarding licenses, certification, etc.
  • b. ___ I know some of the necessary forms and licensing required.
  • c. ___ I have not investigated that yet.

7. Do you have friends or family members that would support your entrepreneurship?

  • a. ___ I have a spouse or family member that would support me monetarily and emotionally.
  • b. ___ I have a spouse or family member that would support me emotionally.
  • c. ___ I have no one who would or could support me in any way.

8. Do you have a way to support yourself while starting a business?

  • a. ___ I have a job or receive SSDI or SSI.
  • b. ___ I have a spouse who covers our monthly expenses.
  • c. ___ I have no means of support.

9. Have you checked networking businesses such as Avon, Mary Kay, Prepaid Legal, Party Lite, and others? How about companies that use independent sales representatives?

  • a. ___ I have checked them and am not interested in any of them.
  • b. ___ I would like to check into them as a possible option.
  • c. ___ I have not thought about this possibility.

10. Have you checked online sources about starting a business such as sba.gov?

  • a. ___ I have checked some sources but need to know more.
  • b. ___ I do not know how to search for the right information.
  • c. ___ I do not understand what I have read.

11. Do you enjoy going to all types of networking opportunities such as business groups, service groups, Chamber mixers, or other places to meet new people?

  • a. ___ I enjoy going to many activities and meeting new people.
  • b. ___ I do not particularly enjoy meeting new people but do it regularly.
  • c. ___ I do not go to places to meet new people.

Your answers should give you guidance in deciding if entrepreneurship is right for you. Even if your answers are not clear to you, you can do more research or talk with a rehabilitation counselor, someone at a small business center in your area, or a business coach. However, if all your answers are the "c" choice, you are not likely going to enjoy having your own business. You can contact Ardis Bazyn if you have specific questions about this survey: abazyn@bazyncommunications.com.

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