Giving Back: The Value of Mentoring

Do You Need a Mentor? Or, How About Being One for Someone Else?

In observance of Older Americans Month 2005 President George W. Bush said, "Older Americans help others to understand the past, and they teach timeless lessons of courage, endurance and love. Through their legacy of patriotism, service, and responsibility, America's seniors also unite families and communities and serve as role models for younger generations."

This statement still rings true today. As you may have experienced in your own professional development, a mentor can be a very important and valuable asset in exploring and growing in a career —or many careers! Talking to peers with a like disability can be invaluable as you explore what you want to do employment-wise and with the later years of your life.

By the same token, being a mentor can also prove invaluable. AFB CareerConnect® mentors have often acquired a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience that would benefit blind or visually impaired workers or youth who are searching out their own personal paths. Older mentors can also share personal experiences of reaching retirement, then re-careering that could help you determine which route you want to go as an older worker —continue working or do different kinds of work altogether.

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Are you willing to share your skills and knowledge of the workplace with others who have vision loss? If you would like to Become a CareerConnect Mentor and share your experiences with others, please read the Terms of Service agreement, and then sign up today.

By volunteering as a mentor you are:

  • Serving as a role model
  • Helping to break down barriers to employment for those exploring new careers
  • Teaching new ways of accomplishing old tasks or career requirements
  • Passing on your hard-earned knowledge and experience
  • Motivating and inspiring people who are blind or visually impaired to higher goals and greater ambitions as they explore the possibilities

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Vision Aware PALS

Vision Aware is happy to announce another mentorship possibility and introduce you to VisionAware's team of peer advisors, which we are now calling PALS (Peer Advisors Life Support). PALS are the heart and soul of VisionAware. They submit and answer questions on the VisionAware message boards, write and comment on blogs, test proposed changes to VisionAware, suggest and write new articles, and encourage and mentor individuals new to vision loss who are searching for answers and resources.

Other Mentoring Possibilities

Personal Stories

  • Joel Tepperberg: From Carpentry to Cooking
    A personal story about Joel Tepperberg, who lost his vision in his late fifties to Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy. Find out about his journey from carpenter to cook and the help he received through vision rehabilitation services.

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