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Hobbies are just for fun, right? They are, but have you ever considered that your hobby could pay? Can you imagine getting paid for something fun? Work need not be grueling or boring to earn a paycheck.

What is your hobby? Do you cook? Do you paint? Design pottery? Create mosaics out of glass pieces? Collect rare records? Make stamp art? Do wood working? What about embroidery, knitting or crocheting? Baking? Singing or writing?

If people have ever offered to pay you for any of your hobby work then you have a market to start with. This can be your consumer base and you can expand from there. If you have a handy, local consumer market available, you can advertise by word of mouth, flyers, and ads in newspapers or shopping guides. You can set up a table at consumer fairs, church events, community activities, etc. and people will get to know you and your wares. Also, networking has always been a proven way to make new contacts. TIP: be sure to have a nice business card available to hand out and include with your product. You can buy these inexpensively at office supply stores or even online.

Most people take great pleasure having a hobby they enjoy and can make money on. It is a very satisfying way to boost your income, but if it starts to turn into a real business that is a horse of a different color. If your hobby job takes off and you think you really would like to make a business out of what you do, it would be wise to take a few training courses for growing and operating a small business at a local community college, the SBA or, perhaps, your Chamber of Commerce or local business association. Caution: Keep your day job and don't get in a hurry. Keep careful records and when you get to the point where you feel the return on your time and financial investment is sufficient, then plan your transition from work to being self employed.

So what is it you do for a hobby? Whatever it is, there's bound to be a market for it. If you can't find your niche market, check out the training courses mentioned above. With a sensible, strategic effort you can likely create one.

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