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Good independent travel skills are imperative for being on the go and ease of getting around will vary depending on where you live and what you know. Orientation & Mobility (or, O&M for short) teaches people with vision loss how to navigate indoor and outdoor environments safely & independently. A Specialist in this field assesses and teaches these travel skills and by now, you should be having this training or getting ready to enter a program where you can competently learn these abilities. To find out more, watch this Orientation and Mobility video introduction by Alexa, a certified O&M Specialist. Be sure to check out the section An Introduction to Orientation and Mobility Skills on this site.

Advanced O&M training could consist of learning to use GPS devices for way finding. If you are interested in this technique you can ask your instructor to show you. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about it first, read these articles from AccessWorld.

Transportation services vary from community to community. Types of transportation that may be available could range from individual door-to-door service, fixed route with scheduled services, ride-sharing or volunteer drivers with various community organizations.

A good place to start your search for transportation is your local Senior Community Service Agency or association for the blind. Also check with your public transit authority to see if they have special transportation for people with disabilities. Even if your local agency doesn't provide direct transportation services, they should be able to help by pointing you in the right direction and showing you where to look.

So what are your options? Consider the following:

  • Public transportation with fixed bus routes
  • Para transit which may be able to better accommodate your schedule
  • Share rides with a neighbor, family member or co-worker
  • Taxi service
  • Hire a driver (see tips below)
  • Faith-based community services with volunteer drivers

TIP: Don't pick just one. Use as many of the options as you can. The more options you establish, the less likely you'll ever be without a ride.

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