Using a Pusher During Meals

Have you ever chased a piece of tomato all around your plate and finally used your fingers to push it onto your fork, hoping nobody was looking? There's a better way to do this that's both effective and socially acceptable—just use a pusher!

What's a pusher? When it comes to meals, it's just a piece of toast, a carrot stick, a cracker, a biscuit, or any food item that can be held in your non-silverware hand and used as a backstop to help push food onto your fork or spoon. Everybody uses pushers from time to time, whether they have vision loss or not.

If you want to have a pusher at every meal, you just need to think creatively about the foods that typically go with your meal and which items will work well. For example, when you eat spaghetti, there's usually garlic bread on the table. If you get stir fry at the Chinese buffet, they probably have egg rolls there too. With salads, you can use crackers or bread sticks. And with a plate of fresh fruit, a cookie works well. Just remember to eat your pusher last!

This tip is courtesy of the Michigan Commission for the Blind. For more useful tips on eating, see the Eating Techniques section.

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