Using a Power Strip

Having trouble plugging in your small appliances? Consider using a power strip. You can plug several of your small or handheld appliances, like hairdryers or electric razors, in to one power strip. Then, instead of endlessly plugging and unplugging them, you can use the switch on the strip to turn them on or off all at once.

a power strip with two plugged-in cords and contrast color tape on the top and bottom edges

Make your power strip easy to spot by marking it with tape in a color that contrasts with your walls.

Using a power strip has several other benefits that can make life easier and safer for you. For example, you can:

  • Attach a power strip to the wall, which can keep you from having to lean over to reach a low outlet.

  • Put strips of contrasting color tape around the power strip's switch, or around the borders of the strip itself, to make it easier for you to see.

  • Take advantage of the light featured on some power strips that comes on when the power is on—if you can see that light, you'll know immediately that the electricity is on.

  • Place the power strip on a table or counter. Plugging appliances into a horizontal surface may be easier for you than trying to finding the outlets on a vertical wall surface.

  • Protect your expensive electronics by using a power strip made especially to prevent power surges from damaging computers, televisions, and other equipment.

For more ideas on home organization and safety tips, visit the Home Modification section on VisionAware.

Thanks to Alphapointe Association for the Blind for inspiring this tip.

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