Organizing Your Music

Nothing is more frustrating than having a hankering to listen to your favorite album only to have to wade through 20 or more CDs in order to find the right one. And the bigger music lover you are, the worse the problem becomes! By following these simple techniques, you can keep your music library organized and never be more than a few seconds away from hearing your favorite songs.

  • Sort your CDs according to genre. For instance, have one group of country CDs, one of big band music, and one of Broadway soundtracks. You can group by whatever criteria makes sense to you, for instance, some people may choose to group their CDs by decade.
  • Next, wherever you store your CDs, try to place the groups in a logical order in relation to each other. For example, you could arrange them alphabetically by the name of the genre, e.g. big band, Broadway, and country, or chronologically, e.g., 40s music, 50s music, 60s music, etc.

If you have a large music collection, you may also want to organize even further:

  • Label your individual CDs with braille or large print labels if possible.
  • Arrange CDs in alphabetical order by artist (or title if there is no artist) within your genre groupings.

This tip comes courtesy of Christy Goodwine, a resident at Friedman Place.

Read Labeling and Marking for more tips on organizing items in your home.

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