A Simple and Safe Way to Plug In Appliances

Safely plugging in appliances can be challenging. One simple and inexpensive way involves a small piece of Velcro.

Picture shows placing one finger-width piece of Velcro on the left slot in an electrical outlet

Step 1

Place one finger-width piece of Velcro that contrasts in color next to the slot on the left-hand side of an electrical outlet. The Velcro should be as long as the slot and parallel with it.

Picture indicates finding the Velcro with the index finger of the left hand while holding the plug in the right.

Step 2

Find the Velcro with a finger on the left hand while holding the plug in the right hand.

Picture of a finger resting on Velcro to immediate left of plug that has been inserted into top of 2-prong electrical outlet.

Step 3

Once you get the left prong of the plug even with the Velcro, move the plug slightly to the right, and the plug should be aligned perfectly with the outlet. To avoid shock, be sure to remove your "guide" index finger before inserting the plug.

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