Understanding Vision Loss

"It's just a sign that I'm getting older. That's all."

All of us experience some degree of vision decline as we age. But once eye problems have made simple daily tasks difficult or impossible—and glasses and contacts don't help—chances are the reason isn't just a matter of "getting older." A potentially serious medical condition could be causing low vision.

Low vision can be the result of several eye conditions. Or it can be symptomatic of other ailments not directly related to the eye—diabetes, for example.

If you're experiencing low vision, or you're just concerned about the possibility, the information on Senior Site will give you a solid foundation for understanding your eye condition, and your eventual treatment and rehabilitation.

Remember, the better you understand your condition, the more prepared you'll be to reap the full benefits of the options open to you.

If you or a loved one are dealing with age-related vision loss, you can ask questions or share your story on the AFB Senior Site Understanding Age-Related Vision Loss message board.

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