More Information About Cataracts and Cataract Surgery

Online Resources for More Information

  • All About Vision: Cataract signs, symptoms, causes, and treatment, with illustrations of the functional visual effects of cataracts.
  • A cataract surgery guide, including information about symptoms, types, diagnosis, and treatment
  • The Macula Center: Also about cataracts, including causes, prevention, surgery, and illustrations of the functional visual effects of cataracts
  • Cataracts: An introduction, signs and symptoms, causes, risk factors, when to seek medical advice, treatment, self-care, and prevention
  • National Eye Institute: Facts about cataracts: A definition, causes and risk factors, symptoms and detection, treatment, current research
  • National Institutes of Health: Senior Health: Cataracts: definition, development, risk factors, symptoms, detection, treatment and prevention, frequently asked questions

Personal Stories

  • Paul and Dorothy Johnson: A Daughter's Story
    Read Paul and Dorothy Johnson's story, written by their adult daughter. Dorothy had cataracts and Paul had macular degeneration and diabetes. Learn how the Johnsons and their daughter made the decision to live together.

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