Safely Pouring Liquids Video

Transcript of Video

NARRATOR: Two women at a kitchen counter.

TEACHER: Mary, today what I thought we would do, you wanted to be able to pour without spilling, right?

MARY: Uh-huh.

TEACHER: And that's a big thing for a lot of people, so we have a little liquid indicator called a "Say When." I'm going to hand that to you. What this is is a little 9-volt battery, and those little prongs--what I would like for you to do is feel for your cup on the counter... I want you to stick the prongs of that Say When that's in your right hand, put that inside the cup but near the handle.

NARRATOR: Puts device on cup.

TEACHER: Perfect. Okay. Now, slide the cup up until it reaches the edge of the pitcher. Perfect. Now, in that position, at the same time I want you to begin to lower the cup down to the counter before we start pouring. Tilt the pitcher at the same time. Cup down on the counter-- perfect. You're doing great. Keep the lip of the pitcher against the cup-- good. And begin to pour.

NARRATOR: Liquid pouring.

TEACHER: Keep pouring. [Device beeps] You hear that sound?

MARY: Uh-huh.

TEACHER: Perfect-- it's "when." That's perfect! Okay, now let's remove the Say When from the cup. [Beeping stops] Doesn't that make it much easier?

MARY: Oh, yeah.

TEACHER: Everything is done with safety.

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