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Justin 'J' Steele-Louchart was born and raised in Michigan and went blind at the age of 12 due to X-linked retinoschisis and the long-term consequences of retinopathy of prematurity.

He began teaching himself the Perceptual Navigation FlashSonar™ techniques from materials published online by Daniel Kish and began working formally with Daniel and World Access for the Blind two years later.

J now says that blindness is by far the best thing that ever happened to him, and if he had the chance, he wouldn’t go back to being sighted.

He works with students and professionals within a results-based, growth-based model, meaning that he fundamentally believes that every single person he meets can and will make their dreams come true, just so long as they have the conditions in which to succeed. He tells his students and audiences to do their own impossible and maintains that no matter what, no matter who you are, he believes in you. J believes that every student, and every person, deserves someone in their corner. He believes in people even when they don’t believe in themselves.

J has presented workshops and seminars throughout the U.S. and Italy on FlashSonar™ and Perceptual Navigation delivering various activational presentations and workshops to blindness professionals, special educators, and students; delivering public keynotes and seminars on overcoming expectations; and maintaining a prolific presence in a range of online forums.

In addition, J works with blind students of all ages in individual and small group workshops and is eager to include their families, interested instructors, and other support systems in the training. J has provided Perceptual Navigation support several years running for Braille Beats Music Intensive and The Road Lies Ahead Navigation program and has held positions in school districts, universities, and other organizations as instructional assistant, tutor, and mobility coach.

J has an degree in orientation and mobility from Western Michigan University. He is team member of World Access for the Blind.

Read blog posts by J Steele-Louchart on the Visually Impaired: Now What? blog.

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