VisionAware Celebrates Vision Rehabilitation Therapist Appreciation Week

During Vision Rehabilitation Therapist (VRT) Appreciation Week, we are recognizing the professionals, past and present, in the field of vision rehabilitation. VRTs teach adaptive independent living skills, enabling adults with vision loss to perform a wide range of daily activities. VisionAware has established a section devoted to VRTs, which highlights the importance of what they do.

This section includes an article on the definition of VRT, written by Dr. Lynne Luxton, a certified vision rehabilitation therapist and VisionAware peer advisor. The section also includes personal stories about some of these unique and often extraordinary people such as Dr. Ruth Kaarlela, founder of the field of vision rehabilitation therapy, and Dr. Susan Ponchillia, the longtime director/coordinator of the graduate program in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy in the Department of Blindness and Low Vision Studies in Western Michigan University.

Learn more about the VRT profession by reading some special offerings by VisionAware VRTs: Maureen Duffy, Lynda Jones, Linda Fugate, and Lenore Dillon.

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