VisionAware Celebrates Another Birthday!

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Our visitors continue to grow at a rapid pace. In June, 2012 just after launch, we had 26,407 visitors. As we end May, 2016 we have had 197,000 visitors this month! And for FY16 (since last July) we have had almost 2 million visitors. We thank our loyal followers and great writers--including Maureen Duffy, VisionAware editor and blogger, our peer advisors, and other contributors.

VisionAware Trivia

Email with the right answers to the questions below and put your name in the hat for a drawing for Maureen Duffy’s book, Making Life More Livable. A score of 80% gets you into the drawing.

  1. What is the name of the blog that the VisionAware peer advisors write?
  2. Where can you find information on the site about support groups?
  3. Who writes the VisionAware blog?
  4. On what part(s) of the site can you interact with other individuals with vision loss?
  5. Name one new feature or article on VisionAware (hint: go back and read the newsletters!) that has been added this year.

Older Americans Month

As Older Americans Month draws to a close, we wanted to finish the month in a flurry of posts to motivate you to take the theme of this year, "Blaze a Trail” to heart.

Trail Blazer Posts:

  • Stats about Seniors with Vision Loss
    To address this fast-growing demographic, AFB is moving forward the 21st Century Agenda on Aging and Vision Loss. Read all about it and how you can participate.
  • Older Women and Vision
    Guest blogger Mary Worstell, MPH and Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Women’s Health addressed women’s vision issues.
  • Aging in Place and Community
    All seniors have reduced contrast sensitivity and require more light. Millions of older adults have impaired vision from macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes, and strokes, and millions more have chronic conditions that compromise balance, strength, and endurance. To serve the growing population of seniors, institutions and businesses need to adapt their physical environments to assure safety and ease of access for all individuals.
SiteWise Medical Center pamphlet super suggestions with picture of doctor and older patient

As we close out Older Americans Month, we are sharing an innovative program created by the Henry Ford Health System. It is called SiteWise™ Super Suggestions for Making Communities Senior Friendly. The goal of the SiteWise program is to enhance community participation, offer low cost, easy adaptations, raise public awareness and educate staff in businesses and institutions that seniors with low vision frequent. These businesses and institutions include medical facilities and pharmacies, places of worship, banks, restaurants, libraries, community centers and public spaces, in short, all areas in the community! Be sure to read about SiteWise to find out how you can use these materials to optimize access in your community.

Finally as we begin the summer season, a couple of tips from the VisionAware team.

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