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Medication Access

Members of the blindness field and pharmacy industry leaders are meeting under the direction of the U.S. Access Board to outline best practice guidelines for implementation of accessible prescription label information for people who are blind or visually impaired. A critical issue on the table is the need for multiple formats of data delivery, which would allow each individual to choose how to access prescription label information by the method that works best for them.

One technology under discussion is RFID labels. This labeling system provided by ScripTalk® Talking Labels is already in place in pharmacies across the country. ScripTalk has new patient software that lets the user get information via audible output, and in Braille or large print formats. Participating pharmacies put a small RFID tag on a prescription container. CVS.com is the latest national chain to adopt ScripTalk and will shortly begin offering accessible labels for their patients.

Kaiser Permanente has some sites getting ready to use ScripTalk labels, with more in the works. Many independent and small chain pharmacies have also recently begun providing ScripTalk services across the country. Several ScripTalk participating pharmacies offer free mail delivery of medications. Also, the Veterans Administration approved ScripTalk for use with veterans several years ago. For more information on the ScripTalk accessible prescription label system, or to enroll in the free program, please contact En-Vision America at 1-855-SPEAK-RX (1-855-773-2579).

VisionAware provides information related to medication management including organizational systems, labeling techniques, and devices for recording and identifying prescription information such as the Talking Rx, Tel-RX, and Scriptalk.

Peer Advisors Bring Experience and Great Articles to VisionAware

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