October-Special Month for People with Disabilities

October is significant for much more than Halloween!

White Cane Safety Day-October 15th

VisionAware started off the recognition of this day with a post by Mary Hiland on To Help or Not to Help followed by Maureen Duffy’s post on White Cane Safety Day and Blind Americans Equality Day. Sue Martin, Audrey Demmitt, Mary Hiland, and guest blogger Kendra Farrow shared their experiences in embracing and using the white cane. Also related to this topic is Mary D’Apice’s interview of Amy Bovaird about her just released book, Mobility Matters: Stepping Out in Faith.


What do those letters stand for? National Disability Employment Awareness Month and this year's theme "Expect. Employ. Empower." reminds us that every American has a right to dignity, respect, and a fair shot at success in the workplace. In honor of this month, Assistant Secretary of Labor, Kathy Martinez is featured in a video focusing on employment of older workers with disabilities, including older persons with vision loss. Two peer advisors have also shared their employment stories. Mary D’Apice interviewed Max Ivey about becoming an entrepreneur on the midway and Empish Thomas blogs on pursuing a portfolio career.

Featured Support Group

This month our Support Group advisor Audrey Demmitt is featuring Vision Forward Association of Milwaukee Wisconsin with their new support series called New Perspectives, which focuses on emotional adjustment, coping strategies, and learning about resources and services for people new to vision loss.

Plan to join Audrey on December 10th at 10:00 am CST for a Hadley seminar titled “Self-Help Groups: Resources and Strategies”. It will provide valuable information for leaders of support groups and those interested in starting groups. Registration will open on November 28th. Additional information will be provided next month.

New Series: International Agency of the Month

Read about the new International Agency of the Month feature managed by Maribel Steel, VisionAware’s International Correspondent. And read about our inaugural agency, Blind Citizens Australia. Please send your suggestions for other international agencies to Maribel via visionaware@afb.net.

Eye Injury Prevention Month

Maureen‘s post for Eye Injury Prevention Month featured an interesting mix of Halloween, Lady Gaga, and Cosmetic Contact Lenses.

Other informative October blog posts included:

Provocative Post-Please read and comment

We'd like to hear from you on this topic: What's So Wrong with "Elderspeak"? Please share your comments and experiences.

Another New Feature and Tool for Professionals and Consumers

Listen to Neva Fairchild, AFB’s Independent Living Associate, as she demonstrates and outlines the pros and cons of several different types of medication access devices.

Special Offer-Free Large Print Calendar

Beginning November 1st we will mail a free Readers Digest Large Print Calendar to the first 100 individuals to subscribe to VisionAware or update your profile.

Finally, from the VisionAware Team, we would like to wish you a very Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween in purple letters with witches hats

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