National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) Takes Center Stage in October

2016 inclusion works poster for National Disability Employment month

The 2016 National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) theme is #InclusionWorks. Above you will find the poster that the Department of Labor is using to promote the month. The theme appears in large white letters on a blue background in the center of the poster. Above the theme in yellow are the words "National Disability Employment Awareness Month." Surrounding the theme are three images of people with disabilities working in inclusive workplaces plus three colored boxes with the following messages: Inclusion Works for Business, Inclusion Works for Opportunity, and Inclusion Works for Innovation. There is a red box in the lower left corner that includes the Department of Labor’s logo with the following words in white underneath: Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP), United States Department of Labor and the URL to ODEP’s website

To celebrate the significance of this month, VisionAware has new information to help in finding a job and dealing with job-related problems such as bullying in the workplace.

You may also want to listen to three presentations related to what older persons need to know about today’s job search. Learn about VisionAware resources for older workers, what older persons need to know about Social Security and work incentives, and about job resources for older workers.

Additionally, VisionAware’s companion websites, FamilyConnect and CareerConnect are offering interesting employment-related information.

Another Major Event in October Is White Cane Day

You may want to re-read Lynda Jones’s post on the impact of new colors on the long mobility cane. Lynda is planning a sequel soon. Peer advisor Susan Kennedy has also written about the importance of her cane in a post entitled, Freedom Sticks. CareerConnect provides a great offering on what drivers should do when a blind pedestrian is crossing the street.

Continuing the theme of "getting around" the VisionAware peers have been busy writing. Deanna Noriega shares her thoughts on the perfect dog guide and Audrey Demmit explains what it takes to become a dog guide.

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Give Us Your Feedback on our Senior Center Survey

If you are a senior and have tried out a senior center in your area, we would really like your feedback. Please take our survey.

VisionAware in the News

A new documentary has just come out on PBS called "SIGHT, The Story of Vision," narrated by Elton John. The documentary’s companion book features VisionAware and is posted on iBooks for download. Search “SIGHT, The Story of Vision” in the iBooks store.

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Look for more employment-related posts, Holly Bonner’s posts on her experience with Orcam, and new additions to the series Blind Parenting and Laughter Is Often the Best Medicine.

Finally from all of us on the VisionAware team, have a safe and Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween in purple letters with witches hats

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