March Is National Reading Month

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VisionAware’s First Audio Short Story

VisionAware’s very first audio short story was written by Maribel Steel and narrated by Carol Middleton.

In her post, How to Get the Most from the Bard in Your Book, Maribel reflects on happy memories of being read to as a child.

Be sure to visit the VisionAware reading section to get more suggestions, thoughts, and recommendations from other peer advisors who love to read.

Aging and Vision Loss Get National Attention at AFB Leadership Conference

The American Foundation for the Blind held its annual leadership conference in March, which included a major strand on aging and vision loss. In a recent blog post, Kay McGill, manager of Project Independence: Georgia Vision Program for Adults Age 55 and Over, wrote the following about this track of the conference:

"In attending the aging-related sessions, I found two themes that were consistent throughout the conference:
  • There is serious concern regarding the federal budget and how it relates to serving persons (especially older persons) who are blind or visually impaired. For example, how will the increase in the Department of Defense budget have an impact on grant programs, such as the Older Blind program?
  • How can we meet the challenges of the continuing shortage of trained blindness professionals, especially vision rehabilitation therapists and orientation and mobility specialists?"

Join AFB’s 21st Century Agenda on Aging and Vision Loss

Find out more about aging and policy issues ( Join us for a nationwide call in May (Older Americans Month) about critical issues related to vision and aging. Stay tuned for more information.

If you have been confused by the latest public debate on healthcare coverage Maureen Duffy's latest post, Understanding Our Shifting Health Insurance Landscape – and What It Means for People with Vision Loss, may be helpful.

To better understand the demographics related to vision loss, be sure to check out the Research Navigator about state and local household data for people with vision loss.

What’s It Like to Have Low Vision?

CVL view with moderate cataract

Maureen Duffy discusses and demonstrates the Sight Simulator, a component of the joint Prevent Blindness and See Now outreach partnership, which is raising public awareness of vision loss and urging Congress to increase funding for critical vision programs including vision and health efforts.

Readers Beware of Stem Cell Research

In this post, Maureen Duffy explains that although stem cell research for eye disease has produced a small number of interesting results, it is in its very earliest safety-testing stages and must be subjected to additional, longer-term, rigorous study and clinical trials.

Feeling Blue?

If you are, a great read is Taking Hold of Happiness. You’ll love the images.

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VisionAware Agency of the Month: iBUG Today

Interested in iPhone accessibility? Perhaps you have an iDevice and are frustrated because you cannot seem to perform the most basic tasks. You need to contact iBug which offers all services free of charge. Explore the iBug Today website or their Facebook page.

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