March Winds Blow in a New Look to VisionAware

Two of the American Foundation for the Blind's popular web programs—FamilyConnect and VisionAware—are sporting a new look as of today. Both sites feature new logos and a bold color scheme designed to improve contrast and readability for users with visual impairments.

Before the launch, we tested the changes with users, and received positive comments on the new design. You can still find the same helpful resources and information, just packaged in a new color palette. We hope you like it!

Older Workers Have the Limelight on VisionAware

VisionAware celebrated older workers in March with a revamped section on working as a senior with vision loss. Here are some highlights:

Personal Stories about Working as a Senior with Vision Loss

joel holding tray of cannoli

Photo of Joel Tepperberg holding a tray of cannoli.

Joel Tepperberg used his hobby of cooking and started his own business.

Small business owners Barry and Debra Carver share their story in, The Scent of Small Business Owners Who Are Visually Impaired.

Barbara Beskind continues to work as an inventor in her nineties.

Getting to Work

Peer advisor Empish Thomas explores the world of Uber as an alternative transportation service and offers her tips.

Survey on Working as an Older Person

Nineteen of you responded to a survey on working after 55. Check out what was said and comment in the “tell us what you think” survey. Pauline Winick, job coach at the Miami Lighthouse, won the gift card drawing for participating in this survey.

World Glaucoma Week

World Glaucoma Week was celebrated in March. VisionAware blogger Maureen Duffy wrote about exciting updates:

New Posts on Visual Hallucinations

New research from Canada indicates that approximately one in five persons with vision loss experience visual hallucinations.

VisionAware peer advisor Sheila Rousey shares her personal account of visual hallucinations associated with Charles Bonnet Syndrome.

Finally, according to the English proverb, “March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers,” so get ready for some gardening tips next month!

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