The New Year—A Time for New and Old Resolutions

Resolve to try "My VisionAware" and keep up with new information on VisionAware that relates to your interests. Through this feature, you can find new information of interest to you that we have added to VisionAware since your last visit. Just sign up at "Join the VisionAware Community" indicating your interests. Then log in to "My VisionAware" and go to the VisionAware home page. Hit refresh, and you will find announcements, articles, and blog posts of significance to you.

Another great New Year’s Resolution is to keep up with what’s new on the VisionAware blog!

Here are a few of the latest posts to strengthen your resolve: Check out peer advisor resolutions and posts on:

Glaucoma Awareness Month

Glaucoma often has no early warning signs. So, if you have glaucoma or are at risk, resolve to follow your treatment regimen and read up on all the resources on VisionAware and the National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP).

Braille Literacy Awareness Month

Read the interesting and informative post by Maureen Duffy on Louis Braille, the creator of the braille code.

Upcoming News

AFB invites you to attend our Leadership Conference in Phoenix, AZ this year.

AFB will hold a special preconference listening session on Thursday, April 9th to provide input into the White House Conference on Aging that is coming up in 2015. The White House Conference will emphasize retirement security, healthy aging, long-term services and supports, and elder justice. Our session will focus on special concerns related to aging and visual impairment. Dr. John Crews from the CDC will kick off the session. If you are interested in this session, please email If you are unable to attend, we will be asking for your recommendations through an online survey that we will be posting soon. So please stay tuned.

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