Happy Valentine's Day from VisionAware

The month of February brings to mind romance and preparing to celebrate Valentine’s Day. What do Joe Strechay, Kevin Dunn and Empish Thomas have in common? Answer: their blog posts on dating. Read them all and enjoy!

As an added bonus, VisionAware brings you its gift guide for Valentine's Day including free Helen Keller eCards from AFB.

National Age-Related Macular Degeneration Month

February is National Age-Related Macular Degeneration month. Maureen Duffy is featuring several blog posts on the subject, including a Reader’s Want to Know Post on Risk Factors and a fascinating post on how macular degeneration therapies are reducing vision loss and admission to long term care settings. You will also be interested in Maureen's post, A Potential Eye Drop Treatment for Wet and Dry MD.

National Low Vision Awareness Month

This month find out about Bryan Gerritsen’s Low Vision Rehabilitation Services (our agency of the month) and VisionAware’s new low vision provider directory listings. AccessWorld is also celebrating Low Vision Awareness Month with a host of articles.

Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, Empish Thomas has posted an intriguing story about Blind Tom, a gifted, black musician who was blind and autistic. To accompany this piece, another Peer Advisor, Nancy Duncan, has written about visual impairment and autism.

Game Time!

If you’re bored with all the snow and ice we’ve had throughout the country this winter, try a game of Scrabble or dominoes. Peer Advisor, Lynda Jones, brings you her perspective on these oldie goldie board games.

Readers Want to Know

Visitors often post questions on VisionAware. To let you know we are listening, we have established a Readers Want to Know Feature on the VisionAware Blog and on the Peer Perspectives Blog as a way of answering questions in which you are interested.

Time to Tell Us What You Think

VisionAware’s Visitor Survey is up. We’d love to get your feedback. As an added benefit, when you take the survey and update/create your profile you will receive a free large print Reader’s Digest Calendar!

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