October News-Getting Started Launches!

Posted 10/29/2013

Breaking News!

Launch of Getting Started Kit!

VisionAware officially launches the kit this week! You can download the kit or obtain a free print copy by requesting a copy when you update your profile to include your mailing address or when you complete our “tell us what you think” survey. Hurry!! We have limited copies.

Talk to your Pharmacist

It's time to talk to your pharmacist about new best practices guidelines for pharmacists to use in making prescription labels accessible. These guidelines were recently developed by the Access Board in conjunction with a “working group” of industry and advocacy organization representatives including AFB to create guidance on how to make prescription drug container labels accessible to people with vision impairments or who are elderly. The “best practices” are not mandatory, so pharmacies are not obligated to follow the recommendations, however they serve to guide pharmacists on how to make prescription labels accessible to patients who are blind or visually impaired. Patients can use the guidelines to advocate for those solutions which best meet their needs.

VisionAware Blogs

News from Peer Advisors

This month peer advisors have spoken out on:

Agency of the Month

The October Agency is the Older Alabamians System of Information and Services (OASIS) program in Alabama. OASIS offers services in all 67 counties in Alabama and serves an average of 1000 clients per year.

Odds and Ends

Importance of Specialized Services

AFB has just added a new website section on specialized services and VisionAware has two special blogs that highlight the importance of these services for older persons experiencing vision loss. Shirley Jordan writes about how these services turned her life around and OASIS program recipients highlight how the services they received in Alabama helped them to achieve their goals of independence.

Finally, all of us on the VisionAware team wish you a very Happy Halloween!!

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