VisionAware End of Summer News

August is Cataract Month. Read about Maribel Steel’s experiences with cataract surgery and a special article on RP and cataracts. Also, if you or someone you know is considering cataract surgery, read Maureen’s popular post When Should I Have Cataract Surgery.

Featured Support Group

Audrey Demmitt, our new VisionAware Support Group Advisor, writes about Dan Roberts and his International Low Vision Support Group (ILVSG) program, a global network of support groups.

If you have a support group and are interested in being featured, contact Audrey at

New on the VisionAware Blog

Peer Perspectives

Meet our new peer advisor, Leann Gibson.

August’s topic of the month is recreation and leisure with posts on:

We’ll be adding more recreational posts so keep checking back on the topic social life and recreation.

Having trouble identifying your money? Empish Thomas tells about free bill readers available from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. This news comes at the end of a long battle over accessible currency in this country.

Finding transportation got you down? Audrey Demmitt offers some great ideas on finding rides when you can't drive. We will be offering more posts on getting around and the transportation theme in the coming month.

Finally, enjoy the Laughter is Often the Best Medicine series with two new posts each month.

September Preview

September is Healthy Aging and Vision Month. Register today for NEI's September 10th webinar on Educating Older Americans About Their Aging Eyes.

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