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April Is Women's Eye Health and Safety Month

Dr. Mrinali Patel Gupta, who has just updated all of the articles in our Guide to Eye Condition section, has written about two conditions that affect women more than men.

One is dry eye. According to the National Eye Institute, nearly five million Americans 50 years of age and older are estimated to have dry eye. Of these, more than three million are women and dry eye is more common after menopause. Women who experience menopause prematurely are more likely to have eye surface damage from dry eye.

Another condition that affects women at a greater rate than men is Acute Zonal Occult Outer Retinopathy (AZOOR). The cause of AZOOR is not known, although it is thought to be related to an auto-immune process, whereby the individual's own immune system damages the outer, or peripheral, retinal cells. Further studies are needed, however, to clarify the mechanisms of this disease.

Updates to VisionAware’s Popular Eye Conditions Section

Did you know that two-thirds of VisionAware’s visitors find us through a google search of eye conditions? Most are not aware of the “living with vision loss” information that we have on the site. So Maureen Duffy, M.A., CVRT and writer/editor for VisionAware, has been working on updating the eye condition information (with review by our eye medical advisors) and reorganizing information in ways to help newcomers find other helpful sections on the site such as reading tips and support groups.

Here is a sample of some top eye condition pages for the site that have been redone:

  1. Low Vision Terms and Descriptions
  2. Eye Health: Anatomy of the Eye
  3. Floaters, Retinal Tears, and Detachments
  4. What Is the Difference Between Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia?
  5. When Should an Individual Have Cataract Surgery?
  6. La Diabetes (in Spanish)
  7. The Different Types of Eye Care Professionals
  8. Stroke/Hemianopsia
  9. Charles Bonnet Syndrome
  10. The Difference Between Wet and Dry Age-related Macular Degeneration

New This Month on the VisionAware Blog

VisionAware Peer Advisors and Correspondents Provide Helpful Hints

What do Audrey Demmitt, VisionAware peer advisor, and Detra Bannister, a retired CareerConnect staffer, have in common? They are featured in a series on nurses with disabilities.

Also not to be missed is Mary D'Apice's interview with Sue W. Martin about her new memoir, In Dog We Trust. Sue squatting next to guide dog

We promised some gardening tips in the last issue, so check out Out of Sight Vegetable Gardening.

Have you heard of “Hints from Heloise”? VisionAware Peer Advisors are initiating a new message board with a similar intent, but for people with vision loss. It is titled Sensible Solutions for Everyday Living with Vision Loss and will be moderated by Sheila Rousey, MA with help from the other peers. So fire away! Plus a useful tip will be landing in your inbox on a regular basis to remind you of this helpful resource.

Coming in May

Mother’s Day is May 8th. Find some gift ideas in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Stay tuned for a packed issue in May which is Older Americans Month. The theme will be “Blaze a Trail”!

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