A Potpourri of Information: Interesting Things You May Have Missed on VisionAware This Fall

White Cane Day—Maybe not Always White Anymore?

man holding mobility cane with several colors

Lynda Jones’ article, The Impact of New Colors on the Long White Mobility Cane, has generated quite a debate so join the fray.

Disability and Employment Were Hot Topics for October

Tech Roundup

Meet Dr. Robert Massof, one of the winners of the Reader's Digest Partners for Sight Foundation Special Grant Initiative. This initiative honored three innovative projects designed to help people who are blind or visually impaired navigate their communities and self-assess vision problems. Johns Hopkins University and Dr. Massof got the award for the "Next Generation of Low Vision Enhancement" project. The goal is to produce a binocular-style head-mounted display system that enhances a user's low vision with programmable real-time image-processing that has been optimized for the individual patient. Have they succeeded? Read Maureen Duffy’s interview to find out more.

Scott Davert of the Apple Vis Team has offered two great new posts about the iPhone:
Guide to Apple’s 3D Touch Feature and
Ten New Tips for Braille Users of iDevices.

Don't miss Steve Kelley’s very popular, Five Great Reading Apps for Book Lovers!
And, new this month on AFB, a guide to cell phones, tablets and other mobile technology for users with visual impairments.

Latest in Research

You will want to read Maureen Duffy's post on new macular degeneration research citing that some eyes not responsive to initial eye injection treatments may benefit from continued treatment without switching drugs.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. This newest research on the drug Lucentis is critical news for people who have proliferative diabetic retinopathy.

Honoring Our Veterans

If you are a veteran or family member be sure to read a review of eye health and rehabilitation benefits for veterans.

Maureen Duffy posted a roundup of information for Veterans Day including some new veterans' personal stories.

National Caregivers Month

Book cover for Blindness: Coping with Vision Loss showing authors and mother sitting in glider plane

Enjoy Mary D’Apice’s interview with Ed Henkler, whose mother has macular degeneration. Ed decided to help other family members by writing an eBook, Blindness: Coping with Vision Loss From the Perspective of a Caregiver.

photo of 2016 large print calendar cover

Free Large Print 2016 Calendar

Reader's Digest Partners for Sight Foundation is offering a free large print calendar again this year through VisionAware. All you have to do is subscribe to VisionAware or log in to update your profile and check the box to get a free calendar. Hurry! Only the first 100 subscribers get this chance.
Current subscribers' log-in page

Preview of Gifts for the Holidays

Planning your gifts for the holidays? If you are crafty or not (!), you may want to read the peer advisor series on Making Crafts and Gifts for the Holidays.

VisionAware’s Gift guide is coming soon so stay tuned for an alert! In the meantime check out the AccessWorld Gift Guide.

Reader's Digest Large Type Edition books are available as a great gift for loved ones who read large print and you get a large print calendar as a bonus. To order, visit Reader's Digest Partners for Sight.

Making Life More Livable, 3rd edition by VisionAware blogger and editor Maureen Duffy
This book is an important resource for older adults who are losing their vision and the family members who support them. This large-print book provides practical tips and easy modifications that improve the safety and security of the home and give older adults with vision loss solutions to continue living independent and productive lives.

Finally, from our family to yours, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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