Accessible Gaming with QuentinC’s Playroom

by Bill Holton

Online Games Now Accessible

Casual games like Battleship and Connect Four are great ways to wild away some spare time. Playing is fun, relaxing, even stress reducing. Most of these tried-and-true games have been available online for years. Unfortunately, all too often they are inaccessible to screen reader users. Unless, of course, you point your web browser to QuentinC's Playroom, where the accessible fun never ends. QuentinC’s Playroom is designed to work extremely well with computer screen readers. All of the controls are completely accessible, and every prompt and other piece of information you need to play the game is spoken aloud.

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QuentinC’s Playroom hosts many time-tested favorites, such as Dominos, Monopoly, Yahtzee and Battleship. There are also card games, including Uno, Blackjack, Rummy, Spades and the ever-popular Texas Hold’em. Like most casual gaming sites, you can start a new game and invite friends or join an already existing game and socialize with the other players via text chat. Alternatively, you can choose to play alone against one or more computer “bots” with names like Space Cat and Sir Duck.

Play Accessible Card and Board Games

Take a cyber seat at the Blackjack table and you can bet the table minimum, or increase your bet. The cards are dealt, you will hear your card names and your Blackjack count. Split, double down, take another card or stand. The controls are all accessible, and you’ll hear the entire game without needing to resort to special screen review hotkeys.

In Yahtzee the five dice roll and the numbers speak. Cursor up and press the space bar on each dice you wish to re-roll. After three rolls, or when you like your combination, cursor down and fill the appropriate category: three of a kind, large straight, etc. Don’t know how to play Yahtzee? All of the games’ rules are there for you to consult. And don’t worry if you are a bit slow making your play. Most of the other game players are also visually impaired and they will understand.

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