Use of Fluorescent Lighting

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Transcript of Use of Fluorescent Lighting Video

NARRATOR: A man in a kitchen.

BRYAN: Fluorescent lighting has the advantage of providing very even lighting, with very few shadows. However, some people feel like there's a little bit of glare from overhead ceiling lighting in fluorescent lamps, such as in offices and grocery stores and schools. When used in ceiling lighting, it's helpful to provide a very bright, even lighting for the entire room. When used in a task lamp, such as a swing arm or a clamp-on lamp, it can help with food preparation and writing and keeping your books. When used under the counter, fluorescent lighting could be helpful in a kitchen, for illuminating small appliances. In a workshop, for illuminating tools. Or for a sewing area.

NARRATOR: In a kitchen.

BRYAN: This illustrates the use of fluorescent desk lamps to help illuminate a counter in the kitchen. The first is a fluorescent swing arm lamp, to help Mary see better as she pours the milk.

NARRATOR: Mary pours milk into a mug.

BRYAN: The second is a fluorescent lamp to help provide illumination right where she's buttering the bread.

NARRATOR: At a desk.

BRYAN: This illustrates fluorescent desk lamps to help illuminate a computer, or office area in your home. This first one has an adjustable swing arm to help light the computer keyboard, the input material, and other things nearby.

NARRATOR: The man adjusts the swing arm lamp.

BRYAN: The second has an adjustable gooseneck to help illuminate the telephone keypad, and other items.

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