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The American Foundation for the Blind is pleased to announce a free, accessible app now available in iOS, and in android versions.

VisionConnect™, a prescription for independence for patients who are blind or losing vision, provides a searchable directory of services available in the US and Canada for children and adults who are blind or visually impaired. Find services such as computer and technology training, daily living skills training, braille and reading instruction, dog guide training, employment services, low vision services, and more.

Individuals who are blind or have low vision can use this accessible app themselves to find resources and tips for living independently with visual impairment, including information on products and technology, personal stories about how people live everyday with macular degeneration or glaucoma, and advice on maintaining employment.

Health care providers can use the app to create customized lists of rehabilitation service providers that they can email to their clients, and provide their patients with home survey checklists, ideas for managing their medications, and more.

Key "Search" Features:

  • Select an age group: all ages, children, or adults (including seniors)
  • Select a service category (advocacy, assistive products, braille and reading instruction, etc.)
  • Select a state, zip code, or distance from service
  • Or select an organization by name
  • Customization: save your search results as lists (for example, “Children’s braille and reading instruction in California”), and e-mail them to yourself or clients.

Key "Resources" Feature

  • Select an audience: information for doctors, children, adults, seniors
  • Drill down into resources such as tips for modifying your home, accessible products, medication management, a Getting Started Kit, information for veterans, stories about people living and working with visual impairment, and more

Download VisionConnect™ for the iPhone or the iPad.

Help share the news about this great, free resource: order outreach materials for a clinic or medical office—each packet includes 10 mock prescription pads and 10 rack cards.

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