Identifying Currency with the MoneyReader App

Identifying currency is a necessary skill for independent living. The highly portable and accessible Apple iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch® are compatible with a variety of free and very affordable apps that make this task quick and easy.

This tip, however, is for those who need the absolute simplest method possible — perfect for an elderly family member who is less experienced with high-tech gadgets or for someone who is still adjusting to vision loss and may prefer the combination of an "adaptive" solution with a mainstream device. This tip is for utilizing an app called "MoneyReader," by Looktel, available from the online App Store for $10.00.

1) Press and hold the easily-identifiable "Home Button" on your Apple device until a chime is heard.

2) Say "Open money reader."

3) Hold the device a few inches over a U.S. bill of any denomination, and MoneyReader will speak the amount in plain, human-sounding English almost immediately.

That's it!

This tip was brought to you by the NJ Foundation for the Blind.

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