Introduction to Blind Parenting Series

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By Holly Bonner, MPA, MSW, CASAC, VisionAware Parent Series Coordinator

Holly Bonner with her two daughters

Parenting with Vision Loss

Parents with vision loss, you are not alone. There are countless parents just like you who are blind or visually impaired raising families of their own all over the world. From infancy to adulthood, these visually impaired mothers and fathers are successfully navigating the joys and struggles of parenting their children.

Our new Blind Parenting series will provide you first-hand accounts of how other blind and visually impaired parents have used organizational strategies with adaptive techniques to parent safely and independently. The series will explore everything related to raising a child. We will discuss:

The VisionAware Peer Advisors and myself will provide personal reflections of our experiences, including those parents who have successfully raised children into adulthood and others who have been promoted to the coveted role of grandparent.

Whether you're considering starting a family or are currently parenting through the awkward tween stages, we hope this series offers you a look into the world of Blind Parenting.

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