Changing Your Home

"I live in a split-level apartment. Soon after my glaucoma became more advanced, I nearly had a bad spill going from the living room up to the dining room. I'm OK, but it was a little scary. I'd hate to give up my apartment, but I'm wondering if it's still safe for me to live here."

The onset of vision loss naturally brings with it some anxiety about home safety and maintaining independence. The good news is that almost any home—whether it's a house or an apartment—can be made safer and easier to navigate with a few straightforward and often inexpensive modifications.

In this section, you'll discover how applying simple concepts involving lighting, organization, and contrasts in color and texture can help you to feel comfortable and confident in your living space.

It's still your home. Live in it.

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If you or a loved one are working on modifying your home to make it more accessible, you can ask questions or share your tips on the AFB VisionAware Home Adaptations message board.

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