Hi! My name is Everett, I'm 52 and have glaucoma in both eyes, in 2000 my left eye started hurting me so bad I couldn't do nothing, it hurt to just to look at the dimmest and softest light, it would run with tears all the time, the doctor told me it was glaucoma and I had to have surgery to release the pressure, I had it and it had done to much damage to the nerves in behind my eye to save my vision, I was out of work for a long time. On May 27th, 2015 I had surgery done on my right eye for glaucoma, we caught it in time and it didn't happen all at once, I was working when it happened, the doctor told me it might make my vision better or worse, I've been out of work sense then, when I look at stuff my vision fades in and out and is a little cloudy and I can't drive from it, the doctor said when I come back to get reevaluated that maybe all I need is different glasses, I'm scared that I won't be able to work any more, I'd love to go back to school, I love working with my hands. I'm trying to find out if their's anykind of school around where I live that I could attend or get some kind of training, because I don't know if I'll be able to return to my old job, I called them and talked to the nurse and she told be it would be unsafe for me right now. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank You!
Everett Dean

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Re: Glaucoma

Thanks for the invormation

Re: Glaucoma

Everett--Thanks for contacting VisionAware. We suggest that you talk to the vocational rehabilitation agency in your state, which you can find through our online directory of services at
Or you can email us at and we can help you with locating a resource.
VR agencies are there to help eligible individuals with keeping their jobs or helping them make a career change.
Also, you may want to review this page on our web site. It explains your rights about employment:
Please keep in touch if you need additional help.

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