Walking Stick to Prevent Falls

I have invented a dual-mode walking stick that is of use to people who have some vision loss and may be prone to falls. A walking stick is an excellent tool for preventing stumbles from becoming falls.

I am seeking people who would like to test the walking stick and give me feedback on its usefulness. I am particularly interested in people who are just beginning to cope with declining vision. I can recall that in 1964 when I first became aware of my peripheral sight loss due to Retinitis Pigmentosa, I waited ten years before graduating to the use of a white cane. As I think back now to those coping years, I would have definitely been a candidate for this walking stick.

A very useful feature of this folding walking stick is that if you find yourself in a dimly lit stairwell or have forgotten your sunglasses and step out of a store and are not sure where the stair beginning or the curb is located, you can remove this device from your handbag or briefcase and make use of it for a short time. You need not be using the device continuously. It is important to note that the walking stick provides the user with the search mode of a white cane but it is not a white cane and does not require a course of instruction for its use.

If you are interested, please contact me, Dr. Martin Osman. My email is martyosman@aol.com . I will send you a prototype of the walking stick free of charge, yours to keep. All I ask is that you tell me your observations with respect to the device.

The design concept of this walking stick was derived from an earlier invention called the dual-mode white cane. For some background information on the dual-mode white cane, please see the website www.dualmodewhitecane.com .

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Re: Walking Stick to Prevent Falls

Welcome the fully wearable travel aid which fits into your finger.Say good bye to those heavy canes!

It works on SONAR which sends haptic feedback in the form of vibrations and allows you to spot obstacles from a fair distance increasing your mobility by almost 60%

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