Sudden vision change to 20/100 Macular Pucker

Hello, I had an ERM or Macular pucker in my RT eye in 2014 but no vision loss and it resolved. I suddenly had vision loss 3 months ago in my left eye from 20/20 to 20/100. It took me a few months to get in to see a Retinal Specialist. I had several tests and the dye test because he saw blood in the back of my eye. I am a RN and do sales for a Pharma Company. I travel and drive over several States. Driving and all the computer work has been an issue. I live alone and very rural. I love to read and have never been so grateful to have audible books. I never dreamed I would have a vision problem as I only got my first pair of glasses in my 50's. I have two older brothers with no eye issues. I am 63 and I am very worried. The Doctor talked to me about a surgery but I keep reading about negative outcomes. I would like more information on it. I cannot see much out of my left eye at all. I admit I have been very depressed. Other than my vision I am fortunately very healthy and active. I am looking for others that have experienced ERM or Macular Pucker. I am concerned about my job and ability to work. I have not shared with my employer about my issue.

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Re: Sudden vision change to 20/100 Macular Pucker

Congratulation Judy...hope this works out best for you...

Re: Sudden vision change to 20/100 Macular Pucker

Had my surgery 2 days ago. Was extremely happy with my Doctor and Surgical Staff. I had a very thick membrane that was removed with ease but quite a bit of scar tissue that had to be lasered. Now we wait. I was still at 20/100 my post op day 1. My Doctor seemed pleased. So far I feel pretty good and hopeful.

Re: Sudden vision change to 20/100 Macular Pucker


Here is a response from our consulting retinal physician, who is requesting additional clarifying information from you:

"We would need to know a full diagnosis, as macular pucker/epiretinal membrane does not usually include bleeding. There is also something missing in her response to vision loss, if she waited three months to see a retinal specialist as I am sure that had she announced that her vision had dropped precipitously someone would have gotten her in promptly."

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