Peripherial Vision Loss (Veteran) Due to Stroke and Driver Lic. Suspended

I have been struggling and it seems I'm the only one out there struggling? I am trying to fight against the DMV to reinstate a driver's license. Apparently in Virginia they have new peripheral vision tests you MUST take and my veteran daughter who has been driving for about 5 years failed and her license was suspended. I've looked on the internet and there seems to be NO ONE upset about this. I know folks who have been driving for 10 years, with no accidents, and have had their license suspended. This really affects older drivers who have suffered peripheral vision loss because of strokes, but it also has affected a lot of our military who suffered TBI's in battle. These younger people have had 1 to 2 years of driving training and have gone to the VA to prove their driving ability to obtain their license. Most have restrictions, but at least they can go and come has they please.
What is going on, am I the only one upset with this new regulation????? Anybody else affected. I really would like to know the statistics of how many accidents are related to peripheral vision loss with younger drivers. The doctors (seen several) can not even recommend anything to the DMV, they take a look at the test and that's it. The doctors we've seen say that this person should be able to drive fine and I know they can because I've been in the car with them. SO ANGRY....put them through a class and if they pass let them drive. There are many devises that can assest them driving.
OK done ranting....would love to see if anyone is "out there" with this issue.

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