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Iam 19 years old and have struggled with sight loss for s majority of my life. When I was younger I was prescribed the wrong glasses at first and no one believed me about my eyes sight and that I couldn't see until I turnt 16 and just couldn't take it any more and as I was then a bit older I booked an appointment at the opticians and then was referred to the eye hospital. I then got told I have optic actophy and I am now registered visually impaired since April. All I want to do is try and achieve and do the best that I can but every day I'm faced with loads of different struggles because of my eye sight.

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Re: Needing advice

One of the first steps in determining what you are going to do is to understand your level of vision loss and then locate as many agency and organizational resources that can provide assistance to you. It is very important to educate yourself about your eye condition so that you can be an advocate for your needs. Locating a local support group for individuals with vision impairments can offer you a place to begin networking with others. You may also want to get in touch with your nearby Center for Independent Living (CIL) center. On of the free services that they offer is peer support. This is a service that pairs you with other individuals who also have vision loss and are working through the challenges of reaching their own goals. CIL's also offer Information and Referral services. Hang in there. You will find assistance and support from some really wonderful people.

Re: Needing advice

Hang in there, Morgan9708! Check with your state's department of rehabilitation/vision loss and ask them for adaptive technology that you can use to continue your education/career. Some days are harder than others but we are here to support you!

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