Master student seeking help for design project on how the visually impaired do clothes shopping


I am a master student doing a design project on helping visual impairment with technology. Because of the difficulty finding visually impaired participants, so we have to post the questions here to gather useful data. If you are visually impaired, please provide information and help for the development of the assessable technology.

Objective of the study
The current study looks into how the visual impaired do clothes shopping at a store and the problems they meet, so that to find a place for technology to come into help build a better shopping experience for them. Please provide real information as detail as possible so that to reach a valid and holistic design analysis.
P.S. If you find the questions repetitive in content, you are free to combine answers and inform at the end. Or pick those of interest to answer.)

1. Do you prefer online shopping or shopping in a real store? Why?

2. Please rate the degree you care about what you wear?

Not care at all 0-----1-----2-----3-----4-----5-----6-----7-----8-----9-----10 care a lot

3. Could you describe your last experience of clothes shopping in a store? Please involve if it is a positive one or negative, why?

4. How you get information about the clothes when you shop at a store?

5. Please list the problems you meet when you do shopping at a store.

6. What kind of help do you (or hope to) receive when you do clothes shopping in a store?

7. Do you use any type of devices or technology to assist your clothes shopping?

8. What kind of information will you want to know when you purchase a piece of cloth?

9. What property of clothes will you consider when you purchase a piece of cloth?

If you are interested in the study and design, you are more than welcomed to have a conversation with us on your thought and insight on the topic.
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