Loss of vision

I have problem with dry eyes and was warned about it a year ago. I have pain in my left eye and also blurred vision in that eye. It seems like my vision is getting worse and have seen many doctors for the problem but it doesn't seem to fully go away. Its really hard to explain my present situation. I am thinking of getting the laser vision correction procedure done from a nearby clinic in Milton. Is anybody aware of the recent treatments for this condition? I would appreciate any further info/suggestions from experienced ones.

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Re: Loss of vision

Hello Henrydevis:

This is Maureen, the eye and vision blogger and writer for VisionAware. When you say that it's difficult to explain your present dry eye situation, I understand – but in order for us to answer your question, we need more information.

For example:
What treatments have you tried for dry eye? There are several, ranging from over-the-counter artificial tear eye drops to prescription drops, such as Restasis, to the insertion of tear duct, or punctal plugs.

Restasis is a prescription medication that can help to increase the natural ability of your eyes to produce tears. Tear production can sometimes be reduced by inflammation in the eyes from chronic dry eye. It is different from artificial tear eye drops.

A punctal, or tear duct, plug is a very small plug, about the size of a grain of rice, that the eye doctor inserts into your tear ducts to block the duct and prevent tear drainage from the eye.

You also asked about "laser vision correction procedure." I assume you mean LASIK to correct your vision? A side effect, or complication, of LASIK surgery is dry eye. Only your eye doctor and the doctor who would perform the surgery can know if you are a suitable candidate. Since there are several well-known eye and vision complications associated with LASIK, I would urge you to have a thorough discussion with your doctors prior to considering or undergoing the procedure.

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