Loss of vision in eight eye

Hi All

I had central serous retinopathy in my right eye which left that eye damaged. I see very blurry through that eye now and it is driving me insane

i am having a hard time adjusting to the loss of vision in that eye. When i wear my glasses i get disoriented, crossed eye, and frustrated

I have a hard time driving as it feels there is something missing. Using my cell phone or even watchin tv is horrible. Vision in my right eye is blurry but still good enough that i have stereoscopic vision, which causes distortion

How long does it take to get used to this condition? Can a person really get used to one eye clearer than the other? How long until i dont notice it?

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Re: Loss of vision in eight eye

Hey Julian,

I have also had CSR but it was in my left eye, I have permanent vision loss in that eye now and yes I have exactly the same issues as you. My left eye has a blind spot but not so big that it doesn't cause a weird type of constant double vision everywhere I look. I have had issues with recurring CSR in both eyes and have had vision return in my right eye but did not expect that my left eye vision loss would be permanent. I have had this issue for over three years now. The worst has to be looking at numbers in a row, small print, especially if there are a bunch of zeroes in a row. Not an easy thing.

Re: Loss of vision in eight eye

Hello Julianv:

When I read your post, the first thing that jumped out at me was this statement you made: "I have a hard time driving as it feels there is something missing."

Have you discussed your driving problems with your eye doctor? As you describe your vision, you have monovision at times; other times, you see two different images that you can't combine. As a low vision specialist, driving was always one of the first questions I addressed in low vision care.

Also, can you tell us how long you have had central serous chorioretinopathy? What treatments (if any) did your doctor(s) recommend?

Also, you might find it helpful to read our driving information on the VisionAware website: http://www.visionaware.org/info/everyday-living/tr...


Re: Loss of vision in eight eye

hi Julianv,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your R eye. the good news is it sounds like you have some useful vision in that eye still. I am a peer advisor and have a degenerative eye disease called RP. it progressively gets worse slowly over time. I have experienced stages where one eye was much worse than the other and I know it can be aggravating. But I did adjust to it over time. It seems like my eye doctor told me it takes the brain awhile to adjust to the different pictures you are getting through each eye and it has to learn to blend them, or ignore the worse eye's input. Eventually though, the brain will adjust and your vision will be balanced. Be sure to talk to your doctor about this if you are unsure or continue to struggle with it. All the best, Audrey

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