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Hello, I am currently loosing my sight, doctors are unsure of what is the cause. Sometimes I see fine for days, then everything either goes white, black or one color usually, red, blue or yellow. The frequency is increasing so I have decided to start learning braille and getting assistive technologies for my laptop, as well as try to train everyone that OCD when placing things within the house is not a bad thing (Hard to do with three boys with Autism). Does anyone have any recommendations on these things, like books to use to learn braille, printers to change written word to braille and what programs I should use on my laptop so i can write my books, surf the web to do research and have it read to me and any other assistive technology that would help me maneuver through life?

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Re: Loosing sight

Hi Windowsyll-Sorry to hear you are feeling like you are going crazy...I am a peer advisor and I would like to offer you some support and help. Often, with rare vision conditions it can take quite a long time to nail down a clear diagnosis. It can be a scary and uncertain time for sure Can you tell me a bit more about your situation?
What questions do you have? Happy to help, Audrey amdemmitt@gmail.com

Re: Loosing sight

Have the drs figured out what is wrong yet? I am having the same issue as you and i just want answers but no one can give me one. sometimes it makes me feel like im going crazy.

Re: Loosing sight

Hi Ladydrak,
I am a visually-impaired freelance writer and peer advisor and understand your challenge to adjust to technologies we use to stay in touch on the web.
I have been legally blind since my teens and have trained in using software for the blind. An article I wrote for VisionAware on screen software called JAWS that may help you is:
Reading and Writing Blind with my Buddy called JAWS

Also, if you want reassurance you are not a control friek by needing your family to help you keep things in order, you may also like to read (or show your family)
Being Organised is a Matter of Survival

Please let us know if we can direct you to more helpful resources,

Re: Loosing sight

Hi LadyDrak75- Good for you for being proactive on this challenging situation! Depending on whether your vision loss is permanent and/or progressive, you are likely to need a whole host of services and resources to learn to live with vision loss. Most of us have received services for the blind and visually impaired-offered through our state agencies. Vision Rehabilitation Therapy is a long process and often requires involving professionals who teach independent living skills such as using assistive technologies, braille, activities of daily living, and orientation and mobility (getting around safely) I suggest you make contact with your state's Vocational Rehabilitation Services and/or local agencies which serve the visually impaired to learn more about what is out there for you. As Empish said, the VisionAware site has a directory to help locate these services in your state. Here is the link: http://www.visionaware.org/directory.aspx?action=b... narrow your search by entering your state.

There are devices that convert text to speech, print in
Braille, magnify, etc. JAWS is the program most people with vision loss use in order to access the computer world. There is also a free open-source program called NVDA -Non Visual Desktop Access which you may want to check out. Generally, these technologies are very expensive and take some instruction to learn. If you seek services through your state agencies, you may get some financial help and training on these devices from experts in the field of access technologies. You will of course have to qualify for services. But it would be a good place to start to learn all about what you may need. All the best, Audrey-peer advisor for VisionAware.

Re: Loosing sight

Hi Ladydrak

My name is Empish and I am a peer advisor here at VisionAware. Please accept my apology for replying to your question so late. I work at a rehab center for the blind and have been swamped at work. But what you might want to do is check out accessible software programs from Freedom Scientific. You can go to their website for a free demo download. They have screen reading, which I use, and magnification software too. Their website is www.freedomscientific.com. Rehab centers can teach you how to use the software. You can go to the American Foundation for the Blind’s website to search for centers in your area. That website is www.afb.org. They can teach you braille, mobility, daily living skills and much more. They might even have classes to help with the kids. Smile.

But it is great that you are trying to tackle this head on. Vision loss is hard and your situation, with vision going in and out can be tricky to deal with. You might want to try a support group too. Talking to others might be helpful too. VisionAware has a section for support groups and you can find one in your area to attend.

I am not sure I answered all the questions, but I hope I got you going in a good direction. Please stay in tuch and I will try harder to respond more quickly. Smile.

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