I simply cant get answers

I am 30. Female. During the summer, suddenly my right eye went to a blur. Hours later it came back to normal. Then periodically it would happen and then come back to normal. Months later, and present i have extreme sensitivity to light, anything with light, laptop, phone, sun, street lights, anything. Details are distorted. Images and anything appear as halos. Reading street signs have gotten harder. And, once i remove my glasses, anythting with a bright color appears to have a dark big spot in the middle. Like a chunk is missing.
I have gone to 3 drs and they can not find anything. The retina specialist suggested i get the nerve checked or MRI. I feel like maybe it is too early in stages to detect whatever is happening and I am so lost for words. I want my vision back like it was. I dont know what to do or what it can be and no one is giving me answers.

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Re: I simply cant get answers

Hi Windowsyll, Yes, it took several months to be accurately diagnosed as a I also have an uncommon eye disease- bilateral scleritis. Try to find a major hospital with an Eye Institute- I go to the Wilmer Eye Institute at John Hopkins in Baltimore, MD for treatment.

Re: I simply cant get answers

Hi Windowsyll,
Yes, Audrey is right with having to go to multiple doctors. I had to do the same with my eye condition. I have a very rare eye disease called uveitis. It took a couple of trips for me to finally get to the right doctor with the right diagnosis. I was worried, scared and in a lot of pain. So I can relate. But what was helpful was having a support system. Do you have friends and family or others who can be a support to you while you are trying to figure it out? If not, as Audrey mention on the VisionAware site there is info on support groups and services. Of course this message board is good too. Having someone to talk to about your frustrations and fears is helpful and a good place to start.

Re: I simply cant get answers

Hi-I am so sorry to hear of your vision changes. This is such a scary time for you, I am sure. I have an eye disease tat took 6 years to diagnose correctly and this is not uncommon. I saw many specialists for each part of the eye. the vision system is very complex and many of these conditions are not well understood. It can be frustrating because in some cases, timely treatment can save vision.

I recommend you follow your specialists advise and see the next specialist. This can be a typical road for many of us...we may see a neurologist, a neuro-ophthalmologist and/or a retinal specialist until the determine which part of the eye is malfunctioning. It can be frustrating and stressful waiting for answers.

In the meantime, if you feel your vision is affecting your daily activities and personal safety, you may want to visit a Low Vision Clinic for guidance. They can help with training and tools that will make the best use of your vision. Even though your condition does not have a name, they can help. Check out the Directory of Services to find agencies that serve the visually impaired in your area at this link: http://www.visionaware.org/directory.aspx

All the best to you,

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