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I live in nv and lost my apartment. I have tried for 6 months to find and work with housing here in nv and nothing has worked. Either the housing authority lists are closed or I do not have enough points to get on them. Or I am unable to find affordable housing in an area I can feel somewhat safe. I am already on a spot for accesible space but in talking with the manager at that complex it would be more then 2 years. I am not allowed at a shelter as they have turned me away stating that they are unable to protect me. I have been beaten pretty badly three times at different shelters. .For the past 6 weeks I have been living in a storage unit which is not great due to the heat and the fact that I am unable to keep my insulin cold. Looking to see if anyone knows of any places outside of nv as there are no agencies within the state that can do anything.

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Re: housing help

I am legally blind and unemployed. I collect SSDI but I am having some it garnisheed for back taxes that tax payer advocate has been trying to work out for me but so far nothing has happened. They are frustrated with that. It is compounding my housing problem because of it. I looked at group homes but I cannot afford it because I do not get enough support. I cannot get help from the state as they look at the full amount that I get from SSDI not after money is taken. Because of that I am just over the cutoff for aid. As for trying to find a room for rent it is worse as the people are looking for someone that actually works as they do not consider SSDI income. I am an atheist but sucked up to go to churches to see what I can do. It cost me a great deal of money as they told me that I would need to be a member of their church before they could provide any kind of help. I “joined” a few churches that had people that I formally knew at a past client. They were already helping people like me but they no longer could afford to help me out as they were already stretched to thin. As for asking quid pro quo help all I can offer is some light office duty. Physical labor is not an option and that is all that they were telling me that I could do if I wanted help. By not having enough sight physical labor is a very dangerous job for me to do. I have talked to 211 and they are worthless. All they can do is give me the same places that I keep calling that are not able to do anything. As for a social worker the only place that I can go in NV is the county and they want to place me into a shelter and tried twice. Both times the shelters told them that I can be placed there for safety reasons.
The reason I am looking for resources outside of NV is I have been told by 3 state agencies, a county agency, and 4 nonprofits that if you are single with no support network then there is nothing that the state will do as you are considered a drain on state resources. I have actually been working on this for a year now. I have made over 500 calls many repeats because I keep getting told to call places that have already refused to help. The small support network I had is gone. There were 5 of us all trying to get help and I am the only one left.
So please if you are not able to help with something out of the state then there is nothing that can be done.

Re: housing help

Hi- I am sorry to hear about this situation. Could you provide a bit more info on your situation? Are you visually impaired/legally blind? Are you employed? Have you looked in to group homes or inquired at churches that may be able to help you find a room for rent? Perhaps in exchange for some type of service-caregiving, mowing or maintenance work. Have you called the 211 community hotline number to ask about emergency housing? Are you working with a local social worker who may know what community resources are available?

Sorry I cannot be more helpful...

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