Eye drops for anti-VEGF

What is the latest news on the development of eye drops for anti-VEGF treatment? All I can find on the internet is that they are in Phase III of testing phase.

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Re: Eye drops for anti-VEGF

Hello Spencer-Texas:

This is Maureen Duffy, the eye and vision writer and blogger for VisionAware. I report on clinical trials and ongoing research.

The eye drop drug is called squalamine, made by Ohr Pharmaceuticals. It has had a very rocky road and inconsistent results in a prior Phase 2 clinical trial that was reported in 2015. The trial was not successful, in that squalamine failed to perform better than placebo (meaning non-treatment) in that study.

To be clear: The eyedrop will always be used, at least in these clinical trials, in combination with Lucentis, which is one of the drugs used in eye injections. Many people have asked if the eyedrop will take the place of injections, and the answer right now is no – it will not. It is used in combination with Lucentis.

Ohr has just reported that they are initiating a Phase 3 clinical trial, again using squalamine drops in combination with Lucentis injections. The state that they are enrolling 650 persons. It will likely be some time before any results are reported. The outcome of that clinical trial remains questionable, although we will report the results when they are available.

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