Dealing with delays in services for the visually disabled.

It is rough when you aren't sure about the laws and services you may require. I wish disabled people and those who work and advocate for disabled people had a a larger more unified and active forum! It is so difficult being heard, understanding things, and dealing with the inhumanity if others. I wish to have more cooperation with others to get my needs met. My prayer is for simple means of working together and having more peaceful solutions.

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Re: Dealing with delays in services for the visually disabled.

Yes, I totally agree with Audrey. I am a peer advisor too and the same happen to me. I actually had to go back to my eye doctor and educate him on blind rehab services once I found them in the phone book. I was fortunate that I knew a couple of blind women before I lost my vision so I knew that people with vision loss could live happy and fulfilled lives. I was just not sure how. I would encourage you to just take some time to breathe. This is a new journey you are starting and it will take time to get everything together. Keep talking and sharing your feelings whether that is here on the message board or with friends and family that you trust and understand how you feel.
Part of your frustration is that our society was never built for people with disabilities so things are just fragmented. So you have to piece everything together and work it out a lot on your own. But we are here to help anyway that we can.

Re: Dealing with delays in services for the visually disabled.

Hi- I am one of the Peer Advisors here at VisionAware and understand your frustration and concerns. You are so right in saying we need more timely services and more public understanding about vision impairments. Unfortunately, our medical doctors diagnose our blinding eye diseases and then send us on our way to live with them. They could act as the most important bridge to resources, information and vision rehabilitation services for their patients. When we are new to vision loss, we do not understand all that is available to help us learn to live with it. And there is so much that can be learned so we can live satisfying lives-even with vision loss.

This is truly one of the missions of VisionAware. It is a site to help fill the gap for people who need to learn new skills and connect to resources for the visually impaired. I hope you will take time to see all that is offered at this site. There are even great resources offered in our app for eye professionals and their patients-VisionConnect. learn more about it here:

When I need information or resources for my vision loss, I usually turn to first! It is comprehensive and authoritative- information you can trust. Wishing you well,

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