Coping with wavy lines

Diagnosed with wet amd. How to cope with wavy line distortion will it get better. Scheduled for injections next week. Will it get better

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Re: Coping with wavy lines

Hello ph3iron:

This is Maureen Duffy, VisionAware's eye and vision writer, who monitors this board. You have asked a very good question that requires more information from you before I can answer fully.

Can you tell me which eye is affected by the blind spot?

What kinds of reading do you typically do? Online, print? If print, what kinds of materials do you like to read? If online, have looked into ways to modify your computer for print size, color, and contrast?

Have you mentioned this to your eye doctor and asked for help?

Have you been referred to a low vision specialist who can help you with your reading issues?

Have you investigated effective lighting for reading?

Your answers to these questions can help me to give you better answers.

Re: Coping with wavy lines

I have mac in one eye. How do you stop it interfering with good eye when reading?

Re: Coping with wavy lines

Are the shorts required every time or is there a permanent solution? These distorted vision lines are adding difficulties

Re: Coping with wavy lines

Hello I have myopic degeneration, I had it in 2011 had shots and it helped. It came back in October 2016 I'm getting shots of lucentis so Far 2 in right 4 in left. This disease will not heal without those shots.or other treatments your doctor Will know what's best for you. I'm gettin improvement with those wavy lines of distorted vision. It has also cause dark vision in left eye which won't heal but helpfully shots will slow it down. Stay strong and find a good doctor.

Injections stink but rather that then blindness.

Re: Coping with wavy lines

I call it a shimmer if we are talking about the same thing. my GS says it will resolve on its own? I am OHT with cats but no optic or v field damage as of yet. low risk for progression but things do not seem so normal to me. this shimmer last for abut ten minutes and "seems" to be triggered by stress??

Re: Coping with wavy lines

Here is a response from our macular degeneration consulting physician.

Without knowing your history and your specific situation, I can tell you that It may not get better quickly, but it certainly will get better over time, at least.

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