CBS, Feeling a presence.

Wondering if anyone that has CBS, and also feels something touching them, for example on the neck and hair. I have had Macular degeneration for less than a year and I am having these feelings, also accompanied by sensing someone behind me. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: CBS, Feeling a presence.( Empish )

Thank you for your quick reply empish. My feeling that I have is physical actually feeling that somthing is brushing the side of my head, I feel my hair on the back of my head being moved. This feels as if someone is behind me and physically doing this but no one is around. It seems to only happen when i am alone and in my bedroom. Any advice or info, if anyone has had this happen to them would be great.

Re: CBS, Feeling a presence.


My name is Empish and I am a peer advisor here at VisionAware. I don’t have CBS or MD but I do feel that presence at times. It was really strong when I first went blind and I thought that it might be due to a sensory overload. Now I have been blind for about 20 years and that presence is not as strong any more. When it comes I just let it pass and not stress out about it too much. I figure it is just my senses picking up on energy around me. I also believe in my gut and being aware of my environment and the people around me. It has helped me many time in some sticky situations. I hope this helps.

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