Career opportunities and limitations for low vision individuals

Hi I'm Megan. I am a low vision individual that is entering into university in the fall. I am pursuing a degree in biomedical sciences. I have heard in the past that certain career opportunities may be limited because of my low vision. I was wondering if anyone knows of someone or is currently an individual pursuing a career in the medical field or in other applied sciences such as chemistry that is low vision to see if my ambitions are reasonable considering my disability. Thank you!

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Re: Career opportunities and limitations for low vision individuals


Congratulations on this exciting opportunity! I am sure you are eager to start pursuing your degree in biomedical sciences. As an individual with low vision, there are adaptations that can be made in order to find ways to perform job responsibilities, yet at the same time, it is important to be realistic about your visual impairment and find a field that you can perform with your vision loss. It is also important to find a field of study that you enjoy. In my opinion, the best place to get advice is from someone who has had first-hand experience with working in your field of interest with a visual impairment. AFB CareerConnect offers an online e-mentoring program where you can reach out to mentors who have jobs similar to the one you wish to have after graduation. If you register as a CareerConnect user, you will have access to an entire database of individuals with work experience, even a few in science fields, that you can connect with and ask questions. Often CareerConnect mentors can provide you with advice about education, accessible technology, and working in the industry. You can registered today for free! Also, if you are interested in learning more about the CareerConnect Mentoring Program, here is a useful link: I hope this helps answer your question. Good luck at school this Fall!

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