Baking Blind coming to America.

I’m Penny Melville-Brown from the UK and one of the three blind winners of the Holman prize run by the San Francisco Lighthouse organisation. I’m using the prize to cook across six continents with professional and home-cooks, sighted or not to show that visual impairment doesn’t hold us back!

I’m looking for other blind cooks to link up with –especially anyone who would like to cook with me while I’m in San Francisco (around 23-26 September this year) and Virginia Beach (around 7-12 October this year).
Please do get in touch

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Re: Baking Blind coming to America.

Hi Penny - a huge congratulations for being one of the winners for the Holman prize!! I live in Melbourne Australia...and am a peer advisor here at VisionAware = any chance you are planning to visit Australia? I have written a book about cooking with recipes from 3 generations...look forward to hearing from you (email me at and all the best with your cooking blind adventure!

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