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A Tribute to Veterans with Disabilities

Editor's note: November 11 is Veterans Day, and VisionAware is honoring those who have served us with this special tribute from VisionAware Peer Advisor DeAnna Noriega. For further information, VisionAware has an entire section devoted to Veterans including services, resources, and personal

HonorFlight Honors Veterans

"Thank you for your service." It’s a sentiment our veterans are hearing a lot today. But this was not always the greeting they got on returning home. Thanks to a national program called Honor Flight, my friend Bob, age 92, received it all day long one day this past April. These Honor Flights were created by volunteers for World War 2 (WW2) veterans, but veterans from other wars and conflicts are now being honored as well, especially those with terminal illnesses or conditions. They make sure that veterans with hearing loss or visual impairment get

Volunteering with Blinded Veterans Leads to a Fulfilling Career at the Department of Veterans Affairs

Editor's note: Here is another post related to volunteering and National Volunteer Week. However, peer advisor Sue Martin, Vision Rehabilitation Therapist, also addresses another important theme this week Vision Rehabilitation Therapist Week. Volunteering at the Blind Rehabilitation Center My life with blindness began in my mid-twenties. I had to learn how to do almost everything all over again. I had great teachers and, less than a year after I became blind, my

Reflections on Veterans Day Visiting an Assisted Living Facility

Remembering Family That Served We were supposed to be reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, but I was so choked up that I could only mouth the words. We had just stood for the presentation of the American Flag by the Color Guard of the American Legion in our town. Tears were streaming down my cheeks, as we heard the haunting melody of “Taps.” Even though it was only a recording, I allowed myself to forget that it wasn’t a real live serviceman, performing the last rights of every American soldier. I grieved for my father, who served in the Army twice, for my brother, who served in the SAC division of the Air Force, and

Memorial Day and the Chance to Serve: Is the Peace Corps for You?

Tribute to Veterans Who Experienced Vision Loss Many visually impaired people have experienced vision loss as a result of injuries sustained during their time of service. Other veterans have developed conditions that affected their vision as they aged. As we celebrate the Memorial Day in remembrance of those who have served this great nation and VisionAware offers a great tribute to our Veterans in a special section. How Can You Serve Your Country I am a master sergeant’s daughter and almost every branch of military service is represented in my

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